Green Weddings Thrive: Philadelphia Couples Embrace Sustainability

June 11, 2024


As the wedding industry grows, an increasing number of couples in the Philadelphia area and Lehigh Valley are opting for eco-friendly wedding solutions. These sustainable practices do not only contribute to reducing the couple’s carbon footprint but also significantly support local eco-conscious businesses and can be cost-effective. Through a series of case studies, we find tangible evidence of these positive impacts, reflecting through venues, attire, favors, and transportation choices.

Venues That Care

Choosing a venue that aligns with sustainable values sets the foundation for an eco-friendly wedding. Couples like Sarah and Tom, who held their reception at Glenside Hall, capitalized on the venue’s commitment to local, organic catering and energy efficiency. Sarah shared, “It was important for us to reflect our values during our special day while supporting local businesses.” Similarly, Jenny and Daniel’s wedding at The Barn at Lehigh Valley Farms incorporated solar power and farm-to-table dining experiences, bringing a sustainable vision to life.

Dressing Sustainably

Eco-friendly wedding attire is another way couples in Philadelphia are making a difference. By choosing sustainable options, they are not only making a style statement but also advocating for reduced environmental impact. Rachel, who rented her dress from Happily Ever Borrowed, remarked, “Renting my dress was a joy, knowing I'm contributing less to waste and still shining in my beautiful gown.” Mark and Emily found their perfect fits at The Green Bridal Gown, where dresses are crafted from sustainable fabrics. “Our choices help us walk down the aisle with pride, embracing green living,” Emily states.

Additionally, these options empower couples to express their personal and shared commitments to the planet. Greg and Liza opted for a dress crafted from recycled polyester, blending elegance with environmental conscientise.

Eco-conscious Decors and Favors

Decorations and favors are more than just details in these weddings—they are expressions of sustainable engagements. Vault + Vine has been a choice many couples, like Luke and Emma, made when deciding on floral arrangements. With a focus on locally sourced and seasonal flowers, they could decorate eco-consciously. “Our wedding felt personally crafted, filled with natural beauty,” Emma shared.

John and Kathy went a step further with their decorations from Green Tree Events. Opting for compostable dinnerware and reusable decor, they ensured their wedding was as low-waste as possible. “Seeing everything come together in such a sustainable fashion was incredibly fulfilling,” Kathy reflected.

Transforming Transport

Green transportation solutions also play a pivotal role. Oliver and Jasmine, who used Philadelphia Trolley Works for their bridal party, enjoyed the classic charm without the pollution typically associated with wedding cars. “We loved how the trolleys added a nostalgic yet progressive touch to our wedding,” Jasmine recalled. Offering shuttle services, as Carl and Betty did with Lehigh Valley Transit, not only simplifies the logistics but also reduces the wedding’s overall carbon emissions.


Engaging in sustainable wedding practices is more than just a trend; it is a transformative movement that personalizes grand celebrations while aligning with ethical values. The stories from local couples in Philadelphia area and Lehigh Valley prove that formations of such sustainable commitments can indeed lead to significant environmental and social benefits, all while crafting unforgettable moments. By considering these eco-friendly options, couples can ensure they are celebrating their union in harmony with their values and the well-being of the planet.